OPL611 surface mount IR sensors

For design engineers with the requirement for a compact infrared sensor, Optek Technology (part of the TT Electronics group) has developed a small surface mount packaged photo sensor with a digital output, suitable for applications with limited space.  Designated the OPL611 series, the sensors feature data rates to 250kB/s, and consist of a Photologic chip encapsulated in transparent moulded plastic, providing optical coupling as well as mechanical protection.

The OPL611 series surface mount sensors measure just 3 x 3mm with a height of 1mm, and are mechanically and spectrally matched to Optek’s OP180, OP200, OP250, OP270 and OP280 series infrared LEDs. Available with buffer and inverter 10K internal pull-up as well as open collector outputs, the sensors feature a direct TTL/LSTTL CMOS interface. Minimum input power is 1.0mW/cm2, VCC ranges from 4.5 to 16V, and operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C.