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OPerA Solo

The new OPerA Solo from Coherent is a fully integrated OPA (optical parametric amplifier), providing simple access to tuneable ultrafast pulses from the UV through the mid-IR.

The new OPerA Solo is a turnkey solution. Everything from the pump beam conditioning optics through the final harmonic separation optics is mounted on a single support structure within the integrated OPerA Solo head. Wavelength extension options are contained on computer-controlled, motorised mounts. This integrated construction provides two key benefits for researchers, particularly when OPerA Solo is a shared resource among non-expert laser users: the rugged, integrated approach delivers superior short-term and long-term stability, in terms of pulse energy and pulse wavelength characteristics; and it allows end users to easily and rapidly switch between different wavelength regimes without opening the cover or tweaking the unit manually.

OPerA Solo can be used with kilohertz ultrafast amplifiers based on Ti:Sapphire, such as the Coherent Legend and Libra. Applications include vibrational spectroscopy, and in pump-probe experiments to study molecular dynamics, atmospheric sensing and photochemistry.


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