Opnext HL7001MG/HL7002MG laser diode

Opnext has released a semiconductor laser diode with a lasing wavelength of 705nm.

The Opnext HL7001MG/HL7002MG laser diode will be distributed by Photonic Products and is designed for use in biomedical applications, such as blood analysis and endoscopy, which benefit from this infrared laser diode’s high reliability, low operating current requirement, and high output power. The lasing wavelength of 705nm at 50mW offers high permeability for living tissue and low absorption of haemoglobin and water. 

The Opnext HL7001MG/HL7002MG laser diode has optical output power of 50mW CW (typ) at a lasing wavelength of 705nm, low operating current of 75mA, low operating voltage of 2.5V, LD reverse voltage of 2V, PD reverse voltage of 30V, a low threshold current of 30mA and monitoring output current of 0.15mA. The operating temperature range is -10°C to +60°C.

Supplied in a 5.6mm package with 3P-type common cathode pin configuration, (HL7001MG) or 1N pin configuration, (HL7002MG), this is a single longitudinal mode Opnext laser diode with a built-in monitor photodiode.

The 5.6mm package size is ideal for small, energy-efficient medical sensor equipment and low-power optical measurement applications and enables a reduction in the size of current biomedical measurement equipment whilst improving the quality.