OPSL 532-5 and OPSL-577-3

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Coherent has released two optically pumped semiconductor lasers (OPSL) for laser photocoagulation treatment of wet-form macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. 

Specifically, these are the OPSL 532-5, a 5W green laser with output at 532nm, and the OPSL-577-3, which delivers 3W of yellow output at 577nm. 

This new yellow wavelength is exactly matched to the main absorption peak of oxygenated haemoglobin and thus provides a higher degree of tissue selectivity than any previous laser wavelength. This should deliver superior results with reduced patient discomfort. 

Coherent’s patented OPSL technology uses a compact, monolithic architecture to deliver several key benefits. It is the only commercially available laser technology that can be designed to operate at any arbitrary visible or near infrared wavelength and output power. In contrast, traditional solid state lasers are only available at a few fixed wavelengths, such as 532nm. 

In addition, the OPSL technology offers an easy way to modulate the light intensity – with pulses as short as 10 microseconds – enabling new treatment options.

In addition to photocoagulation, the OPSL 577-3 will also support emerging applications in dermatology.