FP-2 and FP-3 microchip lasers

RPMC Lasers has introduced a new addition to its line of microchip lasers, offering 10µJ of output power at 946nm with a repetition rate of 10kHz, while the doubled output at 473nm emits with 2.5µJ of power. The pulsewidth of both the 946 and 473nm lasers is approximately 2.5ns.

The microchip lasers are small in format, with laser heads that are generally 1cm3 in area. Other fundamental wavelengths can be produced by the lasers at 1,029nm and 1,064nm, with the company also offering other harmonics.

Most customers are use the microchip lasers for lidar, ranging, remote sensing, bioinstrumentation, marking and coding, proximity sensing, or stand-off detection, amongst other applications.

The FP-3 package or the TO-3 are used for the fundamental mode but the FP-2 is used for the units with harmonics.