Optics clip

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A new optics clip from Siskyou secures high flatness components (e.g., optics with a flatness of λ/10 or better) in optical mounts without significantly degrading their wavefront performance. 

In contrast, traditional means for holding optics in mounts, such as set screws, or even permanent adhesives, introduce substantial mechanical stress, thus warping the high performance component out of its original shape.Furthermore, this unique, patent pending retaining clip also prevents lateral movement of the part; this is important for radiused components (e.g. lenses), because a position change can affect beam alignment.

These new clips are compatible with all Siskiyou two axis adjustment, flexure and kinematic optical mounts for mirrors, lenses and beamsplitters.Standard sizes are available that match optical components with outer diameters of 0.5 inch, 1.0 inch and 2.0 inch (plus three metric options of 12.5mm, 25.0mm and 50.0mm).The clips attach using two screws, accessed from the front of the mount, making it easy to remove optics for cleaning or replacement.