M-810 ultra-compact miniature Hexapod

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PI has launched the M-810, which is an electro-mechanical, high-force Hexapod 6-axis micropositioning  system.

Features of the M-810 include: a high-force 6-axis hexapod with 5kg load capacity, a compact design measuring 10cm in diameter and 11.8 cm in height, sub-micron resolution, long travel ranges to 40mm (linear) and 60° (rotation), a powerful controller with freely definable virtual pivot point, a high velocity of 10mm/s, operation in any orientation and linear and rotary multi-axis scans.

Parallel-kinematic motion systems also have a number of advantages over standard serial kinematic (stacked) positioning systems, including: only one moving platform, no accumulation of guiding and lever-arm errors, no moving cables for improved reliability and precision, smaller package size, increased stiffness, reduced inertia, better dynamics and virtual pivot point

The M-810 is compatible with PI’s hexapod controllers that are supported by Windows software and a library of drivers and programming examples for applications such as optical alignment etc.  

PI offers Hexapods with load ranges from 2kg to >1000kg.