Optimal I LED Modules

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Optek Technology has developed a complete series of 1W single-LED assemblies on metal-core PC boards.

Known as the OVTLZ Optimal I Star Series, the assemblies consist of Optek's Lednium Series 1W LEDs - proven for reliability, long life and low thermal resistance (<2°C/W) - integrated with a thermally-conductive heat spreader substrate to achieve an overall thermal resistance of 4.9°C/W from LED junction to an additional heatsink.


Optek has also integrated its 1W LEDs with metal core substrates to provide the superior thermal characteristics that solid-state lighting designers require. 

The Optimal I Star Series LEDs are being specified for architectural and general illumination, interior/exterior automotive lighting, signage and specialty lighting applications. 

The Optimal I Star Series LEDs are offered with a viewing angle of 135° in the following emitted colours/luminous flux values:  blue (460nm/12lm), cyan (505nm/40lm), green (515nm/60lm), red (625nm45lm), amber (595nm/35lm), cool white (7000K/65lm), daylight white (5800K/60lm), and warm white (3500K/50lm).

Typical forward voltage at 350mA ranges from 2.3V to 3.6V, depending on colour. 

Four soldering pads provide two pads each for anode and cathode connections, as well as locating slots for mounting screws. The assemblies are 0.78-inches (19.8mm) in diameter on a 0.04-inch (1mm) thick PC board.