Optran Polyimide UV/WF polyimide coated silica/silica fibres

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CeramOptec has released its Optran Polyimide UV/WF polyimide coated silica/silica fibres, which are ideal for applications in high temperature environments.

At temperatures of 100°C-250°C when acrylate, nylon and Tefzel coatings begin to deteriorate, CeramOptec's unique polyimide coated fibres are completely unaffected and can withstand long-term temperatures up to 400°C.

These fibres are also available in Optran Plus and Optran Ultra with NAs up to 0.37, which is exceptionally high for a silica/silica fibre. For extreme high temperature applications, such as in jet engines, the PowerLightGuide fused end bundle can withstand temperatures up to 675°C. Without the need for epoxy, these fused end bundles can increase transmission by up to 50 per cent.

These CeramOptec fibers support a wide range of spectral transmission from 190 to 2,500nm. They offer high resistance to laser damage, a high core-to-clad ratio, can be sterilised, and use biocompatible materials.

The fibres offer high transmission in the Deep UV/Visible/NIR, can withstand vacuum environments to 10-9 torr, and are resistant to fluids. CeramOptec's Optran Polyimide UV/WF Fibres are ideal for a broad range of demanding applications. In the industrial/scientific arena, the fibres are suited for use in spectroscopy, sensors, UV photolithography, laser welding, soldering, nuclear plasma diagnostics, analytical instruments, laser diode pigtailing, pyrometry
and semiconductor capital equipment. They can also be used in medical applications including medical diagnostics, laser delivery and photodynamic therapy.