Optran UVNS Silica/Silica Fibre

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The Optran UVNS (UV Non-Solarising) Silica/Silica Fibre and PowerLightGuide have a long-term performance with 40,000 continuous, unfiltered hours of level, steady transmission at 95 per cent of the original output. 
The Optran UVNS fibres provide excellent throughput over a wide range of wavelengths, from 190-1,200nm, without solarisation.  hey offer high laser damage resistance, a broad temperature range, and a high core-to-cladding ratio. NAs of 0.12, 0.22, 0.28 or 0.30 are available with core diameters of up to 2,000mm. Made from biocompatible materials, the fibres provide radiation resistance to 109rad and are sterilisable. Special coatings are available for high temperatures, high vacuum and to resist harsh chemicals. 

CeramOptec's UVNS fibres are ideal for a wide variety of demanding industrial and scientific applications including as a replacement for UV liquid light guides, spectroscopy, sensors, UV photolithography, laser welding, soldering, marking, laser delivery, nuclear plasma diagnostics, analytical instruments, laser diode pigtailing, pyrometry, semiconductor capital equipment, Thomson scattering, UV illumination and monitoring and UV Raman Spectroscopy. Medical applications include medical diagnostics, laser delivery, photodynamic therapy as well as medical treatments such as UV psoriasis treatment.