Orion multispectral imaging infrared camera

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Cedip Infrared Systems has launched Orion - an infrared multispectral imaging system capable of producing IR sub-band images at video rate within the SW-MWIR or LWIR regions.

The Orion uses focal plane array (FPA) detector technology along with large dynamic range, real-time electronics to deliver results for applications including IR signature analysis, gas detection, flame analysis, environmental studies and target/background characterisation.

The FPA detector is capable of capturing up to 200 high quality images per second in snap-shot mode. The camera integration time is software variable and can be different for each filter. Using a continuously rotating filter wheel, synchronised with the FPA detector, the Orion captures a single snap-shot image for each filter position enabling true multispectral imaging. The Orion can also be used as a standard IR camera by stopping or removing the filter wheel.

Further to acquisition, image data is processed in real time by the onboard Altair software that operates under the Windows 2000/XP environment. In addition to providing live image display and comprehensive image processing, Altair includes a suite of powerful, yet easy to use software modules for camera calibration, emissivity compensation and trigger configuration.