OSLO v6.6.4

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Lambda Research Corporation, a leading designer and publisher of illumination and optical design software, has released OSLO v6.6.4, which contains significant updates and enhancements that vastly improve the user experience, including Windows 8.1 support, ghost analysis improvements as well as an updated Ohara glass catalog direct from the manufacturer.

OSLO (Optics Software for Layout and Optimization) is a powerful optical design program with the scope needed to meet today's optical design requirements at an affordable price. In addition to classical lens design features, OSLO is used to simulate and analyze the performance of optical systems by combining advanced ray tracing, analysis, and optimization methods with the only compiled macro language in an optical design program.

OSLO is the standard tool used by companies throughout the world to create better, lower-cost designs and manufacture them more efficiently. But optical design today goes far beyond the range of problems handled in the past. Now, optical systems are integrated with electronics and image processing software creating new design alternatives. OSLO's technological leadership in optical design software is more valuable than ever before.

All customers with a current Maintenance and Support subscription for OSLO are entitled/encouraged to download and install this latest release.