TracePro 7.0

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Lambda Research has released TracePro 7.0, the latest version of its optomechanical design software. Version 7.0 uses multi-threaded algorithms to make use of all available cores when raytracing on a system based on a multi-core CPU. Simulations done on a Dual Quad-core computer show raytracing improvement of up to 10 times over previous releases when simulating LED, lighting, display, biomedical and aerospace systems.

The new version's interactive optimiser is specifically designed for non-sequential design on LED and illumination systems. The optimiser features a sketch utility for quick design entry, interactive raytrace for design verification, downhill simplex optimiser with interactive entry of target specifications. Other new features include a re-arrangeable system tree to create assemblies and standard drag and drop operations to arrange parts and assemblies. Two new irradiance options have been added including a new rainbow palette and normalisation for stray light point source transmittance calculations. TracePro 7.0 also adds two new RepTile geometries, a flattened and pointed cone for the backlight display simulation.