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Newport has introduced the new OSM2 spectrometers to upgrade the old OSM series with a more powerful sensor array. The OSM2 models are equipped with a back-thinned 2048-element CCD sensor, which features improved UV and NIR sensitivity, three times the dynamic range, and 50 per cent less noise compared with the OSM series. The new series maintains the portability and low cost of the previous series.

These instruments have very low stray light and sub-nanometer resolution. The OSM2-400 models can operate as standalone instruments with an LCD screen running on battery power. Their 32-bit RISC CPU and built-in math functions make data acquisition, configuring and data storage operations seamless and without visible delays.

Data can be stored, archived and transported on removable SmartMedia memory cards or simply stored into the instrument’s on-board 4Mb memory for future retrieval. A flexible software application allows users to remotely control the spectrometer via an RS-232, USB or Ethernet interface.

The OSM2 Spectrometers cover the 200-100nm spectral range. All models include a 1m long, 400mm core fused silica fibre and data acquisition and control software.