OT-4040 RS45

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To complement its OT-4040 laser alignment system, Laser Components has developed a larger, 45x45mm reference target for a greater range of measurement and motion compared to standard reference targets. The OT-4040 RS45 is compatible with all current OT-4040 laser alignment systems, and when used with the OT-4040 CPU the X-Y position of the laser spot from the OT-4040 LL Ultralign Laser will be displayed instantly.

The operational range of the OT-4040 system is up to 100m while providing a resolution of 0.25µm.  The laser line position can be read simultaneously by up to eight targets; one reference target and up to seven transparent targets. This position information can be read directly from the OT-4040 CPU’s LED display, or saved to a computer using the RS-232 connector.