P-611 series

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Lambda Photometrics has introduced a range of piezo-driven translation stages from Physik Instrumente (PI). The new P-611 series offers five models of horizontal and vertical stages with one to three axes. The P-612 stages offer similar performance but incorporate a 20 x 20mm aperture for optical applications.

All versions of these new, compact translation stages have up to 100µm of travel in each axis with a resolution of 0.2nm and a low non-linearity of 0.1 per cent. High resolution strain gauge sensors can be integrated as an option, providing closed loop performance. With a resonant frequency of up to 490Hz and settling times in the millisecond range the new stages will prove ideal for dynamic positioning use. The P-612 products with their large apertures were designed for tasks in microscopy such as sample positioning and autofocus.The P-611 and P-612 offer this high performance from footprints of only 44 x 44mm and 60 x 60mm respectively. Their size, flexibility and reliability combined with economy makes them ideally suited for applications where performance and cost are important considerations.