Motorised translation stages

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A range of motorised translation stages from Physik Instrumente (PI) is now available through Lambda Photometrics. The stages can be produced with different combinations of base profiles, motors and spindles with seven different lengths covering the range 25 to 300mm of travel. Depending on the required accuracy and controller type, the stages can be equipped with one of three available motors. The motors in the range are a low-cost stepper motor, a DC motor and gearbox, or, for highest accuracy, the proven ActiveDrive direct-drive DC motor.

To simplify selection the 48 versions of the stages are divided into four series. The M-403 range contains the basic models with up to 200mm of travel, the M-413 range is more robust, carrying heavier loads and offering travel ranges up to 300mm. The M-404 and M414 series carry the same heavier loads over 300mm of travel but offer higher precision. The least precise M-403/M-413 stages have a step size as small as 0.2µm. The M-404/M-414 models use low-friction recirculating ballscrew drives with high-precision guidance to achieve 0.1µm steps. As heavier duty units, the M-413 and M-414 stages have a 50 per cent wider and higher base profiles than the M-403/M-404 models. This provides greater stability for heavier loads.