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The PISeca from Lambda Photometrics is a single-electrode position sensor that can determine distance, position and length values with sub-nanometer resolution.

The capacitive sensor from Physik Instrumente (PI) performs non-contact measurements against any kind of electrically conductive target. It is available for measurement ranges of 20, 50 and 100µm, and it is electronically extendable up to 500 µm.

In combination with PISeca E-852 signal conditioner electronics, it offers resolution of up to 0.2nm. Due to integrated linearisation, excellent linearity to 40nm is possible. With a high maximum bandwidth of up to 6.6kHz, these sensor systems are also well suited for dynamic vibration-measurement of machine parts.

The sensor is robust and with high temperature stability. Is is easily integrated with signal conditioner electronics and an LED-bar gap indicator.