P-Series high-speed linear photodiode array imagers

The P-Series high-speed linear photodiode array imagers from PerkinElmer, and available through Pacer, provide an extended spectral range, centre-split, dual channel readout, and ultra-low image lag.

The features of high-sensitivity photodiode array detection and high-speed charge-coupled scanning combine in this new range, which offers low noise, impressive charge storage capacity and lag-free dynamic imaging in a convenient dual-output architecture. Images are reproduced with minimum information loss and artefact generation. The unique photodiode structure provides excellent blue response extending below 400nm and into the ultraviolet. P-Series line array imagers come in standard array lengths of 2048 and 4096 elements, featuring either glass or UV-enhanced fused silica glass. The two-phase CCD readout register requires only 5V clocking. The imagers feature 14µm square pixels with 100 per cent fill factor, and an 80MHz pixel data rate (line rates to 37kHz). Samples are available from Pacer International.

P-Series imagers suit high speed document reading, web inspection, mail sorting, product measurement and gauging, position sensing, spectroscopy, parcel sorting, surface inspection, e.g. flat-panels and bar code reading.