PhoxX lasers

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Omicron has launched its PhoxX laser series, which has a wavelength range of 375-830nm.

The devices have a direct digital modulation capability of more than 180MHz and an analogue power modulation of greater than 1Mhz, so optoacoustic modulation is no longer needed. Compact construction and flexible input signaling allows the lasers to be integrated simply into existing or future machine designs.

One significant feature of the PhoxX diode laser is its intelligent laser electronics with RS-232 and USB 2.0 interfaces that permit easy interaction with the application. Furthermore, by using innovative Omicron optics, astigmatism is corrected so that the beam has a diameter of around 1mm and the focus is absolutely circular. The lasers are available in single-mode operation with an optical output power of up to 140mW.