Tristar 355-2 Q-switched DPSS UV laser

Newport's Spectra-Physics division has announced a new addition to its Tristar family of industrial Q-switched DPSS lasers. The high-repetition-rate Tristar 355-2 is well­-suited to high-throughput LED scribing, and provides more than 2W of 355nm output at 90kHz at a short pulse width of less than 25ns.

The rugged Tristar laser is designed and tested for high reliability and extended life. Features include a motorised third harmonic crystal shifter for stable UV power over the life of the product, a unique automatic laser purification system (ALPS) to actively clean the UV laser cavity and significantly extend laser life, and automatic data logging for cradle-to-grave product and process traceability.

Other applications for the Tristar include rapid prototyping, marking, and stereolithography. The Tristar 355-2 delivers both a low cost per Watt, and low cost of operation over the life of the laser.