Patch Clamp Electrode Holders

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Siskiyou’s new ST (Stable Tip) series of electrode holders for electrophysiology deliver improved experimental results by dramatically reducing positional errors and drift due to ambient temperature changes. These electrode holders are machined from a low expansion alloy which has coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) three times lower than the polycarbonate (acrylic) typically used in traditional electrode holders. 

The new holders are coated with a tough layer of alumina oxide that eliminates the possibility of corrosion and matches the low noise antenna characteristics of traditional plastic electrode holders. The ST series all feature a simple threaded collet for easy insertion and removal of pipettes, incorporating two seal points to completely eliminate any leak potential. They also include a standard silver wire electrode for corrosion resistance and contamination avoidance. Several connector options are offered for direct connection to all common commercial headstages, including a BNC type connector.