PC-Beamage-3.0 software

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Gentec Electro-Optics has released new features for its PC-Beamage-3.0 software. The latest version of the software offers several new features, like divergence, peak-to-average ratio and a beam tracking tool that will improve the user's experience for beam profiling and beam analysis.

The Beam Tracking Tool allows the user to visualise the variation of the beam's centroid (centre of energy) on the sensor. This new display shows the latest calculated position as well as the previous ones. The display also shows the mean position of all computed values and gives information regarding position stability for both X and Y axes.

The Despeckle filter is a new and much more aggressive spatial filter that is designed to remove speckles and noisy signals from very poor quality beam profiles. Instead of performing a 3 x 3 pixel smoothing filter with a relative weight of 20 per cent for the central pixel and 10 per cent for the others, the software performs a 9 x 9 pixels simple averaging, with all pixels having the same relative weight (1/81).

The software also allows the use of multiple Beamage-3.0 cameras on one computer simultaneously.