PCX-7451 quasi-CW laser diode driver

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Alrad Instruments has introduced the PCX-7451 225A quasi-CW laser diode driver, manufactured by US-based Directed Energy, part of Ixys Colorado. The PCX-7451 is an air-cooled, high power pulsed current source designed to drive laser diodes, bars and arrays. It delivers current pulses variable from 20A to 225A. Selectable pulse widths can vary from 15μS to 5mS, with rise times and fall times of 5μS to 1mS, and pulse repetition frequencies are variable from single shot to 5KHz with duty cycles limited by total power dissipation.

A microprocessor-controlled front panel and RS-232 interface provide individual control of each function, while the backlit display provides immediate visual confirmation of all set point operating parameters including duty cycle, current limits, voltage limits and fault messages. The front panel controls allow the user to set pulse width and frequency independently, or set frequency and duty cycle, which then sets pulse width accordingly.

In addition, independently selectable rise and fall times can provide a ramp feature for applications where additional pulse shape control is much needed. The front panel display indicates all the user selected parameters and fault messages. A representation of the actual output current and voltage pulses are provided via two BNC connectors located on the front panel as well. Located on the front panel, these BNC connectors provide easy access oscilloscope connections for visual output waveform representations of pulsed current and voltage.

In addition to standalone operation, the PCX-7451 can be externally triggered and synchronised for applications where multiple pieces of equipment are to be interconnected together and require special triggering and synchronisation.