PCX -9000 Series laser diode driver

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UK distributor Alrad Electronics has announced the introduction of the PCX-9000 Series pulsed/CW laser diode driver, produced by IXYS Corporation.

Consisting of five distinct instruments, the PCX-9000 Series features an intuitive new user interface designed to make it easy to operate. The driver provides one of the most powerful standard current sources commercially available, supplying 600A of pulsed current, designed to drive the highest power diode lasers, bars and arrays. The instrument is air-cooled and available in 200A, 400A and 600A configurations with an internal power supply option available for both the 200A and 400A units. The device is based on a power MOSFET pulsed driver utilising IXYS’ power MOSFETs.

With high power, high duty cycle, pulsed applications in mind, the driver is well-suited to high power laser and diode test and characterisation applications, as well as scientific, industrial and other high power applications. The driver features less than 100ns rise times, frequencies up to 100kHz (25kHz using the internal trigger), 200ns minimum pulse width, and up to 3700 watts of power. In addition, the system provides for a bias or ‘simmer’ current of up to 60A which can be independently triggered. Output current is continuously monitored and controlled ensuring delivery of set point current to the diodes, and the system provides open load protection with an automatic shut down.

An innovative interface utilises familiar cutting-edge touch screen technology that allows users intuitive control of all functions and settings, including real-time changes to pulse parameters. The QVGA display provides easy distinction of parameters and system notifications.