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PD10-IR-pJ Photodiode Energy Sensors

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced the PD10-IR-pJ Photodiode Energy Sensors, which measure very low energy down to 30pJ. Part of the PD10 family of high sensitivity silicon laser sensors, the new devices extend the low measurement capability to the NIR range, covering from 800 to 1,800nm. The PD10-IR-pJ energy sensors are designed for very low energy commercial and military applications, such as telecommunications and remote sensing.

The PD10-IR-pJ is able to measure very low energies, either single shot or repetitive, up to 10kHz. The device uses a 5mm aperture germanium photodiode to measure pulse energies in the 200pJ to 20nJ range, with the lowest possible energy measurement as small as 30pJ.


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