Phoenix nanotom m

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General Electric's Inspection Technologies business has developed its phoenix nanotom m 3D metrology system, allowing high resolution and high precision X-ray computed tomography (CT) to be used in non-destructive 3D analysis and 3D metrology. Featuring fully automated CT scan execution, volume reconstruction and the analysis process, it offers ease of use as well as fast and reproducible CT results, in applications ranging from small biological and geological samples to medium-sized industrial components such as injection nozzles or injection moulded plastic parts, even with metal inlays.

The nanotom m incorporates a new phoenix 180kV/15W, high-power nanofocus X-ray tube, which is optimised for long-term stability and allows scanning of high absorbing materials such as metals and ceramics. The internal cooling of the tube also significantly reduces thermal effects such as drift, to ensure even sharper imaging  as well as allowing the long scanning times frequently required in scientific research.

The new CT system also features a very high dynamic range, which the company claims is five times better than current state-of-the-art nanoCT equipment. This dynamic range is a result of the device's temperature-stabilised, 3072 x 2400 pixel DXR 500L detector. The large detector area allows sample sizes of up to 250 x 240mm and the combination of proprietary GE technology in terms of X-ray tube, detector, generator and CT software ensures that a voxel size of down to 300nm (0.3µm) can be achieved.

The phoenix nanotom m can be supplied with a comprehensive 3D metrology package, optimised for stable and reproducible environmental and acquisition conditions and provides fast reconstruction and precise measurement results within minutes.