Photline DR-PL-10-MO driver

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Modulator drivers can be used to boost the signal voltage to the levels suitable for the modulator. Laser Components offers the Photline range of RF drivers. These are available in a range of speeds and types according to the input signal. Selecting the correct driver ensures the input signal is reproduced, with no ringing or distortion.  The range includes a driver specifically designed for generating pulses.

Electrical pulsed signals differ from classical telecom signals by having long periods with no signal, when telecom signals are usually more balanced between 1 and 0.  They also differ from analogue signals by having wider frequency content. Using a driver specifically designed for pulses will ensure clean optical pulses with sharp edges, sustained high and low levels and no overshoot.

The operating range of the Photline DR-PL-10-MO driver has been extended to include low and high Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) signals from 10Hz toGHz.  The bandwidth up to 10GHz accommodates 100ps narrow pulse width with short rise and fall time (down to 25ps) and can withstand longer pulses up to 100ns.

The Photline DR-PL-10-MO drivers come in compact connected modules that match directly with Photline modulators; they use a single voltage power supply for ease and safety of use and feature an output voltage control for maximum flexibility. An optional heat sink is available as an accessory.