Photomultiplier Detection System

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The Meadowlark Optics Photomultiplier Detection System, available from Laser Physics UK, boasts a low noise, high sensitivity system that exceeds the performance of silicon photodiode systems over the wavelength range of 185nm to 800nm, and features a combination of a large, 8mm diameter, aperture and fast response of 10ms.

The controller provides 11 gain settings over an amplification range of 102 to 106 and includes a detector overvoltage protection circuit that turns off the high voltage when too much light reaches the photocathode.

This turnkey low noise detector, requires no additional power supply and incorporates a manual shutter and a filter tray for any one-inch diameter optic of thickness less than 11mm. It is ideal for applications such as confocal fluorescence microscopy and is available with a C-mount or optical fibre adapter.