Photon ModeScan Model 1780

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Photon has released a beam profiling system to measure the M2 Beam Propagation Ratio and all associated ISO 11146 parameters in real time.

This instrument, the Photon ModeScan Model 1780, uses a patented technique with 10 reflective surfaces to form 10 simultaneous images of the beam onto a CCD detector array. The instrument will be distributed by BFi OPTiLAS.

The M2 and other beam parameters are measured and updated at a rate over 20Hz. The ModeScan Model 1780 analyses continuous wave, pulsed, and single-shot lasers over the wavelength range of 250-1,100nm. This compact system measures 62 x 140 x 210mm with an IEEE 1394 FireWire interface, and is designed to occupy a minimum of optical bench space and provide a high level of portability.

To demonstrate the speed of Photon’s new real time measurement system, Photon measured the M2 parameter of a single laser more than one million times. In addition to the HeNe laser used in this demonstration, Photon also measured Nd:YAG lasers, laser diodes, and other lasers and found the Mresults determined in real time to be in excellent agreement with known values.

Previously, the M2 parameter involved a process of measurements involving at least 30 seconds and as long as a few minutes to complete, even with automated systems. Real time M2 measurements now provide laser engineers and manufacturers the ability to make real time adjustments with lasers and determine the effects on M2 on the fly. In addition, M2 and beam propagation measurements can now be performed on single shot lasers without the need for multiple pulses, and thus, important pulse to pulse variations of these lasers can now be measured.

As with all Photon products, this instrument generates NIST traceable measurements, which is important for ISO and other quality programmes, FDA regulations, and other applications where traceability to a national standards laboratory is essential.