USBI-4 Smart Head to PC interface

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BFI Optilas has announced distribution agreements for USB interfaces, aspherical optics, a new wavefront analysis software package, and laser alignment modules. The new USBI-4 Smart Head to PC Interface from Ophir Optronics, allowing the users laptop to provide multi-channel laser power and energy measurements.

The interface is easy to set up. Up to four heads can be connected to each box. Measurements of up to 20kHz in each channel simultaneously are possible. An external trigger input enables the measurement of missing pulses.

The aspheric lenses from CVI are unmounted with a BBAR coating for wavelengths of 650 to 1064nm. In addition, it BFI Optilas is providing a new fused-silica version of the SF11 anamorphic prism pairs for use with Excimer and Nd:YAG lasers, and 2x beam expanders.

BFI Optilas is also providing the HASO3 wavefront sensor software, with a new feature, StitchWave that enables multiple wavefronts to be reconstructed during the measurement of large surfaces.

Lastly, the 645nm laser alignment module from Photonic Products is ideal for use in industrial alignment and machine vision. It has an adjustable intensity and focus, and incorporates anti-surge, anti-static and reverse polarity protected electronics.