Photon RT

Essentoptics has unveiled its real time scanning spectrophotometer designed for optical measurement applications with 190-4,900nm wavelength range. The Photon RT offers a focused set of features and capabilities targeted specifically at unattended optical measurement of parts with thin film coatings.

These include absolute specular reflectance, transmittance, and variable angle and polarisation measurements. Photon RT features UV to MWIR polarisation measurement capability in a single device, a unique opportunity to get deeper insight into performance data of optical coatings with extreme specifications.

The newly revised optical design of the spectrophotometer is characterised with improved baseline stability and reduced noise providing much improved measurement accuracy in MWIR range, even for absolute specular reflectance measurement.

Other features include calculation of integral values adjusted for a type A illumination source and the spectral sensitivity of the human eye, measurement and calculation of refractive index and layer thickness for single layer homogeneous coatings, unattended measurement of polarising and beam splitter cubes, and absorptance measurement for sample materials.