Photonic Solutions represents Time Bandwidth lasers in the UK and Ireland

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Following the acquisition of Time-Bandwidth Products (Zurich, Switzerland) by JDSU in January 2014, Photonic Solutions (Edinburgh, UK) has been appointed to handle these laser products in the UK and Ireland. Time Bandwidth produces ultrafast lasers with industrial level reliability and the performance required for material processing applications. This product range complements the JDSU laser portfolio, allowing it to address the rapidly expanding ultrafast micromachining market. The JDSU commercial laser range now includes high power UV lasers, ultrafast picosecond and femtosecond lasers, kW fibre lasers, high power industrial diode lasers, HeNe and Argon gas lasers and low power cw green and blue lasers.

Photonic Solutions has been representing JDSU in the UK and Ireland for almost 14 years.