Photonics Industries' RG series of picosecond lasers

Laser Lines has introduced Photonics Industries’ RG series of industrial picosecond lasers, which offer the reliability demanded in a manufacturing environment.

Industrial lasers are commonly mounted on a high speed moving gantry and when utilised in this fashion are subject to frequent acceleration. While it is common to vibration test picosecond lasers to simulate shipping and handling conditions, it is not so common to vibration test lasers while they are actually operating.

Photonics Industries 355nm picosecond lasers have been vibration tested for three hours while operating under 450N force, 25mm displacement, and at 6Hz. The maximum acceleration the laser was subjected to during each vibration cycle was greater than 3G.

The diode pumped picosecond lasers achieve less than 25ps nominal pulse widths while maintaining TEM00 mode quality in a compact, industrial reliable package. High power IR (60W at 1MHz), green (35W at 1MHz) and UV (25W at 1MHz) are available.