PicoBlade picosecond laser

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Time-Bandwidth Products has introduced the PicoBlade picosecond laser designed for micromachining applications. Based on the Duetto and Fuego laser architecture, the PicoBlade features pulse-on-demand, FlexBurst and fast A/D modulation pulse control, up to 50W average power, and excellent pulse repetition rates (single shot to 8MHz and above).

A new graphical user interface provides flexible, simple control of all key parameters required for ultrafast process optimisation. A new SuperSync feature allows for precise timing control for applications benefitting from the increased productivity achieved with high-speed line scanners.

The unibody housing includes a fully detachable, long-length, flexible umbilical cable for easy installation, horizontal or vertical mounting of the laser, a new proprietary cooling system, and optional hands-off wavelength conversion for green or ultraviolet output beams.

Applications include high-speed precision micromachining (drilling, welding, and cutting), glass cutting, scribing, semiconductor and hard materials processing, selective thin film ablation, among others.