PIMag V-551

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The PIMag V-551, a new linear stage offered by Physik Instrumente (PI), achieves a travel accuracy of 1µm over a travel range of 100mm thanks to force-guided crossed roller bearings. The PIMag V-551 has a modular design and a width of only 160mm, making it possible to customise different versions and to use a motor with 100N or 200N peak force and make travel ranges of 50, 130 or 230mm available.

In addition, the working range can be adapted to the respective application using adjustable mechanical hard stops. The positioning accuracy can also be adjusted to the respective customer requirements by a variety of different measuring systems.

When operating with the appropriate C-891 motion controller from the same manufacturer, the standard version of the ironless magnetic direct offers a positioning resolution of 1.7nm and a repeatability of <20nm. The highest achievable velocity is 500mm/s. An absolute encoder is integrated as standard which means that a reference move is not necessary during switch-on. In conjunction with motion controllers from PI, optional high-resolution incremental encoders make a design resolution of up to 0.03nm possible.