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The new PIVeriMove simulation software from PI (Physik Instrumente) increases the operational safety of Hexapod systems.

The software can simulate, for example, a vacuum chamber within the moving platform and prevent the Hexapod from being commanded to adopt target positions or trajectories that could result in a collision.

With their six degrees of freedom, PI's parallel-kinematics Hexapod systems allow for a flexible positioning of loads in the workspace. The new simulation software developed by PI (Physik Instrumente) can graphically represent the Hexapod's operating environment, and simulate its movements within that environment.

It is easy to configure any objects present: these are either defined directly within PIVeriMove starting from basic shapes such as cylinders and cuboids, or can be imported by means of CAD data with a selectable level of detail. Based on these data the simulation software calculates the distances between the Hexapod and any obstacles, and the resulting travel ranges.

But PIVeriMove also allows configurations to be stored directly on the controller. PIVeriMove checks each position before the Hexapod adopts it, in order to avoid positions and trajectories that would result in a collision.

Particularly applications involving sharply-delineated workspaces and the positioning of highly-sensitive objects can benefit from PIVeriMove. With PIVeriMove, it is easy to define e. g. the walls of a vacuum chamber, sensitive measurement setups on the platform or elements of a production line as objects and to add them to the simulation.