PLD-CH driver series

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Wavelength Electronics, available from Laser Physics UK, has added a 12.5A model to the PLD-CH driver series. This new driver supports fibre-coupled lasers used in applications such as medical, dental, micro-machining, material processing, semiconductor inspection, and imaging.

The PLD-CH series offers simple low voltage operation from +5VDC, which minimises heat dissipation. For applications that require a higher forward voltage, a separate laser diode power supply input allows for flexible compliance voltages up to +28VDC.

The PLD-CH series safety features include: slow start circuit, mechanical shorting relay, and active current limit. These offer maximum protection for the laser diode even when power is removed. The active current limit not only protects the laser diode, but ensures that it is operating with maximum stability.

Two photodiode ranges provide variable sensitivities for optimum performance. Excellent stability can be maintained in both constant current and constant power modes. The PLD-CH series supports all laser diode/photodiode pin configurations. The 12.5A model has a 50kHz bandwidth with <0.05 per cent output stability, one-hour stability of <200ppm and a <200ppm/ºC temperature coefficient.

Other features include: remote enable/disable; remote monitoring; analogue modulation of setpoint current; drivers can be paralleled for up to 25A of stable output current.