Polarisation controller

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Phoenix Photonics has launched an eight-channel polarisation controller, based on its popular range of electronically variable all-fibre waveplates. The instrument is unique in providing full flexibility for the user by offering both conventional manual polarisation control and analogue voltage control. The multi-channel array is housed in a 19-inch rack format, for easy incorporation with standard test and measurement equipment.

The instrument utilises eight Phoenix PSC all-fibre polarisation controllers each consisting of three variable waveplates controlled by thermal variation of fibre birefringence. Control knobs on the front panel provide manual control of the state of polarisation in eight optical fibres simultaneously. Alternatively, the instrument can be addressed with analogue voltage inputs to each of the waveplates through a connector on the back plate. The flexibility facilitates applications in polarisation control from optical source arrays, polarisation characterisation of components and PMD emulation.