Polymer-based laser safety filters for eye wear

Sperian Protection, part of the Honeywell group, has launched two polymer-based laser safety filters providing protection levels that were previously only possible with glass technology. The laser safety eye wear implements state-of-the-art polymer filter technology, achieving EN 207:2009 protection levels such as D LB 6 + IRM LB 8 at 1,064nm and at 532nm.

Previously, users requiring such high protection levels were obliged to use eye wear with glass filters. Polymer filters, however, are significantly lighter than their glass counterparts. In addition, there are enhanced possibilities for design and comfort features with polymer. These lightweight, innovative polymer filters are available in Sperian's XC style frames. Sperian XC encloses the entire eye, thereby ensuring user safety, while the soft elastomeric brow guard and flexible 'nose bridge fingers' cushion every point of contact with the face. The temple length and inclination are adjustable, to ensure the best individual fit and optimal comfort.

Sperian products are distributed in the UK by Laser Physics.