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Sperian Alignment filters

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Sperian Protection has released a line of filters designed to meet the protective requirements of those who need to align laser beams in the course of their work.

Filter 155 is an Nd:YAG filter providing protection up to 1000 W/cm² or 5 J/cm² at 1,064nm combined with alignment protection up to 1W at 532nm. It enables you to align the second harmonic while being protected against the first harmonic too. It is available in an innovative and stylish XC frame style offering the EN 207 protection levels DL6 + IR L7 at 1,064nm, and the EN 208 protection level R3 at 532nm. And this is achieved with a visible luminous transmission of 40 per cent.

Filter 135, which protects during alignment of laser beams in the 625-680nm wavelength range, is now available from stock in the LGF Full View frame style. This one lens covers virtually all the most popular red diodes on the market today. Filter 135 offers the protection level 625-680 R1 according to EN208, which means it is suitable for use up to 10mW. And this is achieved with a visible luminous transmission of 52 per cent.