Portal measuring system

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Confovis, a company specialising in 3D surface inspection, has introduced a measuring system for the optical industry. The Portal system, with its positioning unit, allows fast non-contact quality inspection of the surface integrity of optical lenses down to the nanometre range. It enables free rotation and swivelling of the optical surface. In this way the system detects the height, depth, width, radii and angles of flaws at any point on the lens and generates informative 3D analyses, including for reflective surfaces.

Combined with Nikon microscope components and the ConfocamC1+ confocal scan head, the Portal provides reliable, high-precision measurements and 3D analyses. If required, the system can also be equipped with extra-long working distance objectives. Besides the 3D analysis, the positioning unit also provides a transmitted light function for classic 2D observation.

The positioning unit for five-axis positioning enables the optical surface to be swivelled and rotated.