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Trioptics has released its WaveMaster system, which provides real time wave front measurement and analysis of spherical and aspheric single lenses as well as complete objectives using the Shack-Hartmann Sensor technology.

Further the instrument provides live Zernike and MTF analysis as well as complete surface characterisation using the new reflection upgrade.

The WaveMaster instrument features high spatial resolution and accuracy, can be simply set up in finite or infinity conjugates configuration and incorporates the state of the art wavefront sensing technology. A high precision five-axis alignment sample holder (motorised or manual) allows for the easy and fast alignment of the sample.

The software provides various ways of measuring and displaying the wavefront data. It also includes extended analysis features and data saving options. In addition theoretical data can be loaded and compared in real time during measurements.

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Sydney Institute for Astronomy researchers have developed a new type of wavefront sensor that leverages a ‘photonic lantern’ and deep learning. (Norris et al.)

01 November 2021