Photonic Solutions is distributing the Teem Photonics PowerChip series of ultra high peak power, high repetition range passively Q-switched MicroChip lasers, capable of producing hundreds of picoseconds and several tens of microJoules pulses at kilohertz repetition rates with excellent beam quality. Furthermore, the PowerChip is a completely integrated platform, which includes the laser head, power supply and air cooling in a compact, rugged, turnkey package. The high energy of the PowerChip microchip laser derives from a large microchip cavity. This cavity emits short pulses with high peak power without the costly and complicated electronics needed to drive traditional Q-switched lasers.

The PowerChip lasers feature a hermetically-sealed laser head that protects optical components from dust, fumes, condensation, shock and vibration. Its inherent stability avoids the need for costly, complex electronic feedback loops.

An optimal thermal environment, maintained by integral air-cooled heat sink, allows the laser to work either as a system component or as a standalone unit. The system operates on 24 VDC, and comes with AC-DC power supply. 266, 355, 532 and 1064nm models available.