PowerPulse laser amplifiers

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Northrop Grumman has developed a line of laser amplifiers specifically for high-energy, quasi-CW operation.

The PowerPulse laser amplifiers operate at high pump powers for pumping times on the order of milliseconds, allowing amplification of long pulse trains by using fewer devices, less gain material, with greater reliability. A recent technical note release outlines the utilisation of NGCEO PowerPulse laser amplifiers for pulse train amplification. 

The paper details the PowerPulse’s role in achieving a 400x final beam amplification of a 10ps, 400MHz (pulse train with macro-pulse duration of 1.2ms) mode locked source laser. Over 80 standard PowerPulse configurations are available with a choice of pump power and gain media. Pulse energies of >4J at 1064nm and small signal gains of more than 600 are available. NGCEO offers model and design support to select a standard or custom laser amplifier for a specific application.