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Precision Linear Stages

PI (Physik Instrumente) is now offering the PI miCos product line of Precision Linear Stages. More than 20 product families are available starting with miniature translation stages and positioning ranges of 40mm to high load, linear translation stages for travel ranges to 1m. These motorised precision positioners come in a large variety of standard and custom versions for any budget and application. They cover low-cost, open loop stages with stepper motors and, leadscrew drive to high-speed and  high accuracy, models with linear encoders featuring up to 1nm resolution.

Most stages also come in vacuum-compatible and clean-room compatible versions. Customers can chose between rotary servo-motors, linear servo motors and stepper motors. Closed loop models are offered with optical high-resolution position feedback. In addition to single axis precision linear stages, the company designs and manufactures XY-positioning stages, precision Z-stages (elevation stages) and precision rotation stages.

A variety of motion controllers with USB and RS-232 interfacing is available to match the positioning mechanics and application requirements.

Applications include semiconductor alignment, biotechnology, aerospace technology, fibre optic alignment, microscopy, and optics research.


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