Pro-Lite to distribute Avantes spectrometers

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Avantes, a manufacturer of spectroscopy equipment, has appointed Pro-Lite Technology as its distribution partner for the UK and Ireland. Effective immediately, Pro-Lite will offer the full range of products from Avantes, including fibre optic spectrometers, spectroscopic light sources and related accessories.

Avantes, based in the Netherlands, has 25 years’ experience in developing user-defined spectrometer configurations. UK-based Pro-Lite has been serving customers with metrology solutions since 2002. It formed a dedicated spectroscopy applications group in 2016, led by Dr Nick Barnett.

Pro-Lite was chosen based on its understanding of spectrometer technology and experience of designing systems for a diverse range of spectroscopic applications.

The company will offer Avantes spectrometers alongside its own spectrometers and a range of equipment from other companies.

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