Process Spectrometer Versa PS 2000

JETI Technische Instrumente, a manufacturer of spectrometric equipment in Jena, Germany, has introduced a new process spectrometer, which provides speedy online control during production process in such area as optical coating production and others, where quick multiple transmission measurements are required (up to 1,000 spectra/s).

It is based on the spectrometer RU-60, newly developed by JETI, with a spectral range of 200 to 1000 nm, exceptional sensitivity in UV and allowed integration times down to 0.01 ms.  

The Versa PS 2000 can be optionally supplied with a built-in light source like a flash-lamp, halogen lamp or deuterium-halogen lamp. It has a flexible triggering system using an external position sensor, which makes the Versa PS 2000 easy to set up on location. Several interfaces (USB, LAN, RS 232/422/ 485) allow an easy adaption into customer systems.