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Q4X series

Banner Engineering has introduced new capabilities to its Q4X series of laser distance sensors, allowing them to be used in several new applications. The series now includes an analogue model to measure distance and a discrete model with expanded capability to detect clear objects and contrast changes.

With sub-millimetre distance change capability, the new Q4X analogue model measures height and fill levels, complementing the presence or absence capability of the discrete model. This allows the sensor to support multiple applications including easy analogue interfacing to the PLC with reduced programming. Master-slave synchronisation avoids crosstalk in situations requiring more than one sensor, including using opposing sensors for thickness measurement.

A new teach mode has been added to the original Q4X discrete laser sensor, providing the ability to detect clear objects without need for a retroreflector. Additionally, the sensor can determine not only whether an object is present at the correct distance, but whether it is the correct object. The new teach mode supports detection of colour recognition for quality control in bottling, consumer goods, automotive and other industries.

All Q4X sensors are available in distance ranges up to 300mm. The 316L stainless steel housing is rated to IP67, IP68 and IP69K for durability in a wide range of harsh operating conditions.


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