Ophir-Spiricon has introduced StarLab, its laser measurement software package that works with the company's smart displays and PC interfaces, allowing users to measure, analyse, and record laser power and energy parameters from the company's line of smart power/energy sensors. The latest version of the software supports Ophir-Spiricon's full line of laser power/energy meters, including the Quasar wireless meter and Pulsar high speed, multi-channel USB meter.

StarLab is designed for such applications as measuring the peak-to-peak stability of energy pulses or the power drift of CW lasers over time. The software simultaneously logs data from up to eight power/energy sensors.

Users can display data from all sensors at once, tiling the information onto a PC screen, or display data from each sensor individually. StarLab can also be used to control the power/energy sensors from their own software using the built-in ActiveX control.